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Comunicación y Big Data en las empresas ecuatorianas

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Big Data is a research technique based on the evaluation of large amounts of data collected by a company, which, when crossed, allow obtaining certain parameters that allow improving the internal and external management of a business. In Ecuador there is a rapid adoption of Big Data within the company, taking advantage of its potential to evaluate trends and new business opportunities, attract and retain consumers and improve sales. In the last three years there has been an exponential increase in data collection for analysis. In the case of communication, the marketing and advertising areas have been widely benefited by this technology, by allowing them to implement strategies adapted to the reality of the target audience with the possibility of being quickly evaluated to improve their effectiveness.

Through a non-probabilistic sampling, a sample of 14 companies was determined, based on the business ranking of Ekos magazine, and through a questionnaire their perceptions of the use of Big Data were collected to identify current trends in the country. It was concluded that, although it is still an incipient technology, it is being rapidly adopted for the development of better business and communication strategies.

Palabras clave

Big Data, Ecuador, comunicación organizacional, empresa, marketing, publicidad.


Big Data, Ecuador, organizational communication, business, marketing, publicity.

comunication, big data

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