Call for Papers

Gender and Media in the Globalized World

Communication Papers / No: 25, 2023 

Communication Papers:  Media Literacy & Gender Studies (ISSN 2014-6752) by the University of Girona presents its thematic issue on Gender and Media in the Globalized World. 

This special issue deals with the effects of globalization on gender relations and how gender approaches are reflected in media studies. Gender debates define gender relations as a social construct embedded in the complex processes of globalization (Acker, 2004). The global issues addressed by gender studies include the theoretical and conceptual questions of critical analysis from a gender perspective (Lutz et al., 2016), the social distribution of the problem and the global economy, human rights and freedoms, and the role of mass media (Kinley, 2009).

Communication Papers’ special issue brings together, as always, media and gender studies and aims to summarize essential questions and problems of gender-media studies approaches in a globalizing world. In a world that is, in McLuhan's words (1967), a global village, the use of the Internet and social media contributes significantly to the dissemination of gender-specific and feminist content. However, it is essential to note that access to information technologies has changed drastically. Nevertheless, the fashionable digital divide (global north versus global south) and inequalities due to income, gender, age, education, ethnicity, etc., are maintained.

In this respect, this special issue invites authors within the framework of the following conceptualizations:

  1. Globalization and its economic, social, cultural, and political aspects, and the emergence of global "gender regimes", 

  2. Gender and mainstream media studies, 

  3. Gender and critical media studies, 

  4. Gender and new media studies, 

  5. Political perspectives on global governance and action and the role of media in mobilization

*Possible topics of interest include, but are not limited, to the following: *

- Globalization, media, and gender 

- Critical media, globalization, and gender

- Feminist media and feminist public opinion in a globalizing world 

- Social structures, power relations, media, and gender

- Community media and gender rights

- Guidelines for gender-sensitive reporting in a globalized world 

- Global women's movements and media  

- Feminist media: what images of women do they convey in the global world? 

- Social media in the global world: What gender, social, ethnic, etc. differences exist?

- Global world and feminist media

This special issue aims at a heterogeneous collection of transnational articles and accepts theoretical and/or case studies on the possible topics.