Overview of Spanish Universities’ Sustainability and Sustainability Communication Performance


  • Esra Bayhantopçu Istinye University


Sustainability is not only essential for protecting the environment; it is also important for equality, human rights, the fight against hunger, education, health services and social development. Sustainability communication is just as important as these efforts. Through communication, it is possible to make these efforts known and raise awareness on the subject. Universities, which have the greatest role in the development of society, are responsible for raising informed and aware future generations and leading other institutions. This research aims to holistically assess current sustainability and related communication practices, particularly in terms of gender/equality, to reveal the general framework of sustainability structures in universities and to examine communication practices surrounding sustainability in Spanish universities, which perform well in this regard. A survey was conducted with 12 Spanish universities which are scored in THE and QS World University Rankings according to their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) performances. According to the findings; in terms of gender equality and equity practices, Spanish universities perform well. However, it was revealed that communication efforts need to be improved. It can be argued that this inadequacy inhibits awareness on equality issues and sustainable development.

Keywords: Sustainability, equality, gender equality, sustainability communication, sustainability in Spanish universities


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Bayhantopçu, E. (2023). Overview of Spanish Universities’ Sustainability and Sustainability Communication Performance. Communication Papers. Media Literacy and Gender Studies., 12(24), 7–21. https://doi.org/10.33115/udg_bib/cp.v12i24.22905