Advertising, Logos, Brand Design, Imagery, and Other Pluralities: A Sample from Romania



In this study we will dwell on  notions as advertising language, logo and brand. I will try to present them theoretically, under the broader umbrella of advertising speech. The identity element with the greatest penetrating power in the consumer's mind is the logo, the combination of the brand name and a graphic symbol. This graphic symbol can become a powerful element of identity. Related to the logo, we will also see the latest logo proposed for Romania, in June 2023, by the well-known BBC journalist, Charlie Ottley. The examples will illustrate the theoretical elements presented.

My paper uses in a generic way the concept logotype to refer to the combination of brand name and graphic symbol. However logotype refers expressly to the construction of word formations with typography. Isotype refers to the symbolic or iconic part of the brand. Imagotipo is the iconic-textual set that can work separately, and Isologo is the composition where the text and the icon are merged into a single inseparable element, since they could not work properly separately. Based on the analysis of John R.Stuteville and Marc D.. Roberts, I will try to integrate the notion of brand into the overall vision of advertising discourse. I used a qualitative research to understand concepts, opinions, or experiences regarding the logo and brand.

We will try to define the brand, to capture its pros and cons in the discourse on the existence of the brand. And to identify some of the elements that lead to the success of a brand and to position the logo within the brand identity. The logo is an important part of advertising speech and we will provide some examples of logos created on the occasion of the celebration of 100 years since the creation of the Romanian state. The event, called "the Centenary of the Great Union", was the commemoration of 100 years after which all the historical provinces inhabited by Romanians united in 1918 within the same national state, Romania.  


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Carmen Neamțu, Aurel Vlaicu State University from Arad, Romania

Professor Phd.Habil.




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Neamțu, C. (2024). Advertising, Logos, Brand Design, Imagery, and Other Pluralities: A Sample from Romania. Communication Papers. Media Literacy and Gender Studies., 13(26), 98–112.